Saturday, October 20, 2007

self portrait 18th October 07 - a week of skirts day 3

OK maybe I had better explain!

Last week my wee guy requested I 'dress like a princess' which is code for "please wear a skirt or a dress or anything other than trousers". So I threw on a skirt ........

.... then realised I didn't wear a skirt very often and had no idea what to put with it, what shoes, accessories (jewelry was OK though!!), etc, etc.

So this week I challenged myself to wear a different skirt/outfit every day for 7 days. It is a challenge! I am so used to throwing on jeans, etc that my idea of which of my tops, etc. go well with skirts is nill.

Check out the other 'week of skirts' pics here as I post them

(and PS: this is a work day ie. the wee guy is in daycare, so the look is more thrown together cos I don't have to 'be anywhere'. FYI I'm wearing a really old pre-pregnancy denim skirt, coupled with a Gap vest top and a ratty old Bay cotton knit cardi)
(and that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it)
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