Saturday, October 27, 2007

barley barely risen

So, update for a week of skirts! Good news (it worked - I wore a skirt everyday for a week, except for two hours when I went ice skating with the wee guy) and bad news (read on!).

Week of skirts reminded me that mum does not live by trousers alone, skirts are indeed a viable option for the SAHM-on-the-go, and I do have the wardrobe capability to cope. We managed visits to drop-in play emporia, shopping, a trip to the park, an attempted trip round a pumpkin patch (it was flooded but I was game) and other assorted weekly mummy activities. Check out my flickr gallery, with accompanying wardrobe notes and comments from my fans!

Things I learned
1. I have a lot of almost ankle length skirts
2. maternity tights can be worn back to front (so the saggy pregnancy belly bit is at the back!).

OK - the bad news. Week of skirts was due to be followed up by another exciting wardrobe challenge, but sadly due to ill health it has morphed into "week without wheat" as I suspect I have a wheat intolerance . I'm almost a week into it (relax - I have not been posting any photos, apart from the one on the right) and would kill for a cinnamon bun. Posting all my symptoms and gripes would be TMI here but at last I'm spending less time on the loo .......

My attempts at wheat-free cookery have been er, interesting. On the right I present a wholegrain barley loaf, a solid and dense little number which may in fact still be uncooked at its core, due to the remarkable insulating properties of the dough mix.

I may be less bloated but my stomach hangs heavy with unleavened bread.


YummyYarn said...

A newly-wheat-free friend of mine reported that almond flour, which can be procured in ginormous bags at Pro Organics, is a not bad baking substitute. For what it's worth.

pomomama said...

Thanks Yummy! That sounds like a plan.
I'm really hoping this temporary but my little dense barley loaf is 'growing' on me as long as I nuke it on high in the toaster!

PS: click on the flickr link and search for fibre to see what I've been doing recently with your fibre grab bag!

fleurione said...

my flatmate has been living with a wheat intolerance for about a year... we've both learned a lot about flour substitues! almond flour as suggested above is really good, and Dove's Farm do a good gluten-free flour mix. it's hard finding substitutes, but once you get to know which ones are nice and which ones just taste horrible you're good (her first lot of gluten-free bread could only be eaten once toasted, it was that clammy and un-bread-like!) she mostly lives off corn-based things such as tacos now, though obviously bread and pizza cravings are still there..

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