Friday, April 01, 2016

friday forte: roscoversary

happy roscoversary cake - Three Dog Bakery in Suter Brook
One year ago today, this awesome goofball came into our lives. Some people say it is a noble thing to rescue a dog, especially a senior, but I truly believe that the rescuing goes both ways.

We had only had Rosco for seven months when he went from four to three legs. The decision to amputate took almost a month and I will probably never forget the immense sadness that we all felt during that time. Bringing him home the night after his surgery was harrowing - here was our amazing hound starting life on three legs and in such distress as he got over the anaesthetic. We all had an extremely rough night; Rosco cried constantly while mr ebb and I took turns to sit with him.

But since that harrowing first night, Rosco has been an enormous inspiration. His attitude seems to be - OK, three legs ... but what's stopping us? He is keen for walks even though he doesn't go far. He is jumping up on the couch. He climbs stairs, steep banks, trails and the garden terracing.

His enthusiasm for each new day is infectious - as long as he can get outside for a potter, find a cosy spot on the deck in the sun, and go for a long sniff in the forest behind the house at his own pace, he is happy. With one leg missing, he doesn't seem to see that life is different in any way - he just keeps going.

We never expected to have to deal with so much so soon after adopting him. Making the decision to have his leg amputated knowing that he was already an infirm senior is not something we could take lightly. But his approach to life as a tripawd is infectious - now, just who rescued who?

Happy Roscoversary!
Here's to many more.
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