Thursday, July 09, 2015

spt9jul15: bubbles solo

a nice bit of fizz in the evening ...

While the cats are away (except Griz, that is) this mouse will play :)
Right now, I'm enjoying my solitude. Since my Wee Guy was born, I've had approximately three nights by myself. This week, I doubled that but it all ends soon. Much as I love to see the boys back, I'm having a great time with just myself, Rosco and Griz as house guests.
We're all a little fragile today however.
We were up till around 1 this morning, ventilating the house to get rid of gasoline fumes from a leaking can in the garage.
I didn't even know we had been left a can until I tracked the vapour trail.

Did you know, gasoline fumes are heavier than air, so they sink.
Guess what's lower than our garage?
Right - the furnace and boiler room.
So once I had cleaned up I didn't dare take a shower or the boiler would have fired.

Clean up took longer than necessary because I had to find the leak itself under all the clutter in the garage. Guess who hasn't re-organized the garage, finding space for bike racks or setting up winter sports gear racks? Yes me, I suppose, since it was me that organized the last garage we inhabited too. And the one before that ... and the one before ...

So, it took me an age to pull aside all the bikes, snowboards and so on to find the can.
And then an age to clear the area of the leak so that nothing else got contaminated.
And to make room for the displaced items.
Guess who was cursing that she hadn't just got on with sorting out the garage?

Guess who is extremely glad she worked out what the smell was and tracked down the source?

Guess who is a little overawed by what might have happened?
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