Sunday, February 08, 2015

sunday scribbling

wearing "that helmet" - yes the one that saved his life

So - there's a backlog of brags about my work, published - stay tuned for an almighty splurge sometime in the near future aka, when I run out of content.

I've fallen a little behind in blogging. I've been getting used to being employed :)
It's also been a leetle stressful this week.

Last weekend, we were all set for a family break at Manning Park to enjoy some of the snow that the North Shore mountains haven't managed to bag this year (so far!). After a tasty dinner, peaceful night and a satisfyingly enormous breakfast, the Wee Guy, mr ebb and myself managed a grand total of zero runs on the slopes before returning home.

On the download from our first chair up the mountain, mr ebb and the Wee Guy collided. The Wee Guy was knocked unconscious and stayed out cold for a good thirty minutes. During that thirty minutes of dealing with an ashen, unresponsive and floppy child, the ski patrol and paramedics made the wise decision to summon not only an ambulance but a helicopter to get the patient to expert medical care.

The mountain staff were amazing. In addition to looking after the Wee Guy, they also made sure we parents were doing OK, and kept an eye on our various bits of equipment so we didn't have to worry about anything other than our son. I made my first (and hopefully only) high speed journey backward down a mountain in the first aid toboggan, holding onto a delirious Wee Guy intent on jumping out of said toboggan as it whizzed along.

At the bottom of the slope, we were met by more Manning staff, and taken to the first aid hut for further evaluation. Again, we were all cared for so that all we as parents had to do was answer questions and be with the Wee Guy.

BC ambulance service turned up, agreed with the air ambulance suggestion, and escorted us to the waiting helicopter. Wee Guy was gently strapped into the air ambulance, checked over and stabilised, and then we flew off up the Fraser Valley. Again, I had nothing to worry about apart from watching my Wee Guy and wondering how mr ebb was doing packing up our gear to drive back home. Wee Guy stabilised so quickly, as if nothing really had happened apart from a headache, that he took a few selfies with one of the paramedics.

At BC Children's he passed all the neuro exams, so we were discharged to concussion watch at home - no sports, take it easy, no computer or video games ... We've had a week of half days at school, no after-school activities, car drop-off and pick-up and early nights. It has been well worth it - Wee Guy is fine :)

However, I am frazzled with working my hours in, around and in spite of my family ... but I wouldn't have it any other way. This is the kind of work life I imagined - it has been stressful and tiring trying to complete assignments on reduced days in addition to "staying present" for my son. His half days and school runs have seriously impacted my working days, but the result is so worthwhile - he seems fine, has loads of energy, no headaches or learning/concentration problems, is very vocal about missing out on computer time ... and so on.

But he is fine :) and that, dear reader, is all that matters.

I wish I could remember all the names - you will understand me if I don't - but huge thanks to;

  • all the staff we came into contact with at Manning Ski Area, especially Tim who was on ski patrol at the top of the lift and saw us through everything, from start to finish - you were amazing! and paramedic Adam and his wife, who looked after our son and ourselves on our high-speed ride down the mountain
  • staff at Manning Park Lodge, who dealt with mr ebb's early checkout (and only charged us for one night)
  • BC ambulance staff and air ambulance personnel, who cared for our son and made sure we knew what was going on - I did see your name badges but in the whirl, have forgotten them - and thanks for making sure Wee Guy got to take some photos/selfies during his trip!
  • BC Children's - as always :)
  • Wee Guy's teachers and staff at school who have kept him off computers, away from PE, kept an eye on him and sent back progress reports, dealing with all our concerns
  • and finally Eve, at Talk Science To Me, who continues to give me just the kind of job that fits with my domestic circumstances - I didn't expect to appreciate it (again) so soon (back on track this week!)

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