Monday, September 01, 2014

midlife monday:anniversary

still waiting for the off

Thirteen years ago, mr ebb and I embarked on the greatest adventure of our life together and landed in Vancouver  for the start of a temporary spell of living abroad.
I say temporary, cos we hung on to our flat in London, left some belongings n storage there, and made arrangements to continue careers rather than move lock, stock and barrel to the other side of the pond.
I had plans - experience life on the wild west coast and fit in some career-enhancing research. It would continue with a postdoctoral career development grant, combining clinical research with enhanced medical qualification once back in the UK.
One of the first spanners in the works was the smiley chap in the stroller above.
And I've written about the earlier event that made me re-consider my priorities.
So, more than a decade on, 13 years older and wiser, we're still here in BC. I no longer have the "if this, then that" desire to move back to the UK if anything dire happens - this place is now my home (even though we've sold what we're living in and getting a teensy bit freaked about finding another dwelling).
BC is where my friends are; it's where my family is; it's where I am growing up and where my Wee Guy is doing likewise. Even though we pondered somewhat on moving back to Europe, it was with the same intention we had on moving to Vancouver all those years ago - eventually we would go home.
But this place is now home. This is where we have the connections, the ties that bind
And this is where we would return.
This is where we stay.
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