Sunday, July 20, 2014

an afternoon in the garden

PicMonkey Collage20jul14b

It rained, but not on our souls today.
We spent the afternoon, our second day of solo parenting, with Agata and Emry in their community garden, with a bunch of other artist students. It rained - good for the plants and not too bad for us as we gathered in a little wooden shelter to chat, eat the potluck picnic and sample the garden produce.

And good for me as I'm exhausted right now. Three weeks into summer vacation with more than two extra weeks of surprise holidays thanks to the BC teachers' strike, and I'm so tired of running to keep standing still. Selling the house, extra childcare hours, keeping up with paid work, absent partner, homework assignments ... it's all added up. The last straws have been mr. ebb's crazy overtime in combination with a short notice business trip. There has been no time to step off the wheel and unwind.

Sad but true - some people sap your soul - they drain every last piece of energy, wring every sodding drop of inspiration from you, then leave you with nothing but a husk that has to carry on.But on the otehr hand, there are those who fill you right up to overflowing.

Today was one of the latter. Our souls were well and truly topped up by the picnic party chatter, and all the veggies we staggered home with. And check out my Instagram feed for some other soul-filling moments, wizarding on the beach and Moon Fall-ing.

Thank you one and thank you all. You give me the energy to keep going :)

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