Sunday, September 15, 2013

... and then, all too soon, it's over

Breakfast (second breakfast) on the way back home from our impromptu long weekend in Whistler. Back to home. Back to routine. Back to the usuals.
The fog rolled in just as we rounded the corner to Britannia Beach, reminding us that we'd caught the last of the summer? in Whistler this weekend, and that woolly tights will soon be mandatory (though maybe not for the boys!).
How to get home?
But we've had a wonderful time.
Even though bags were packed last minute, and we arrived with no plans, the time off was well and truly Time Off.
Aaah whistler :)
OK - I had a couple of writing assignments to finish off.
And yes, I picked up another one along the way.
And true - I carried some general off-pissedness from a situation that arose at the eleventh hour ...
How to get home?
... but we all had a relaxing break, cycling around the Valley Trail, getting lost, swimming in the lake, and eating delicious food.
Here's to the next break (not too long to wait, I hope).

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