Friday, May 31, 2013

friday forte: heading off down the path

So today I made a decision.

I also ordered another Diva Cup from Lunapads because a. I refuse to cope with menstruation without one and b. I set fire to my current cup.
Don't let the water boil dry when doing the end-of-use sterilisation procedure. One siliconised pan and lid later, and I was online waving my credit card at the screen. The replacement should arrive well before my next period. Period.

My decision? Well, it has to do with setting off down a path (hence the cute pic of the Wee Guy and a girl friend). So now I've made my decision and have to sit, waiting for the other party to make theirs.

Right now I'm feeling like I have quite a few balls in the air, all aloft but only just.

Then I move on to the plate spinning.
Wish me luck.

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