Thursday, January 03, 2013

2013 - past, present and future


A whole new year, 12 months stretching out in front of me. And then many more after those, please.

I've seen some 'good riddance 2012' posts around the blogosphere recently. It seems a shame to slag off an entire year. Why not recognise it for what it was - inspiration? After all, without the previous 12 months, how are New Year's resolutions formed?

Last year certainly had its low points. It also had some incredible highs, like holding down my first salaried job as a Canadian and a mum, presenting at pecha kucha night, and celebrating our 21st anniversary of togetherness with mr ebb.

But yes, there were lows. I'm not going to damn them or dismiss them, because, as with every other low in my life, they are incredible learning opportunities.

For example, without these spurs and frustrations I wouldn't now be enrolled in a university certificate, compressing two years of education into six very full weeks, to boost my qualifications and (hopefully) enhance my employability.

I may not wish the lows on my worst enemy, but neither would I wish them away.

The lowest points of 2012 hopefully will inspire the highest of 2013.

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