Thursday, August 02, 2012

self portrait thursday: calm before ...

... before what?

- the calmness of a house before the reappearance of one of its inhabitants?
- the mellowness of solo parenting about to end?
- a sunlit evening dinner out on the deck with the Wee Guy?
- the relief of a hamster recapture before any more electricals were lost?

Inner calm, inner peace though outside my world is moving on but I feel good about it.
Things may happen or they may not. I'm OK with this.

The Wee Guy and I are at the end of three weeks of solo parenting, and we've survived in style.
Life slowed right down to a very mellow him-and-me pace which seemed to agree with us both.
Meals were calm and unhurried.
Weekends were come-and-go at no dictated pace.
We talked about his camp and my work.
We discussed summer projects for our 'vacation'.
We chatted about more work for me, maybe a day or two of childcare for him.

I haven't been out in the evening but I feel satisfied.
I've felt motivated to clean, to tidy, to de-clutter and decorate.
I've been creative.
I've felt a new pride in my nest, our nest.

Yes, I'm tired.
But proud we've made such a good job of it.
The two of us.

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