Sunday, August 12, 2012

scenes and dialogue from a typical saturday

Wee Guy: So I played my Wii game this morning before you woke up.
Me: (sleepily) hmmm...
WG: and I got on to a nudist batch
Me and mr ebb: (suddenly less sleepy) eh? what?
WG: a nudist batch - I completed a level and got a nudist batch.
Me and mr ebb: (trying to stay calm and keep the concern hidden) So, what does this nudist batch mean? How do you play it?
WG: Well, a nudist batch means you get another mission to go on ...
Me: (penny finally dropping) Ah ... a new dispatch?
WG: (somewhat irritated) Yes, a nudist batch. New puzzles.
Me: In your clothes?
WG: (freely dispensing funny look) You guys haven't woken up yet, have you?

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