Monday, February 06, 2012

midlife monday: menu time again!

oooh yummy?

Here it is - another month of eats.
It's a little uninspired - I don't feel like trying anything new (too much work and Stuff going on) :(
I got some peppers and a mango today so we'll probably have a colourful salad this week to relieve the coleslaw.

Week One:
  • Monday = Shepherd's Pie (leftovers from roast)
  • Tuesday = chicken noodle soup with homemade bread and cheeses
  • Wednesday = oven-baked goat cheese risotto (i promise i will blog the recipe - it's so easy)
  • Thursday = sausage boulangere slow-cook i.e., layers of sliced potato with chopped sausage, onion and stock
  • Friday = salmon pasta bake

Week Two:
  • Monday = beany lasagne, made with beans slow-cooked under last week's roast
  • Tuesday = slow-cook spaghetti bolognese
  • Wednesday = who knows? I'm out for the evening!!
  • Thursday = Tamale Pie with salsa and plain yogurt dip(the beans from 'under the roast' make a final appearance under a corn bread topping)
  • Friday = I think we're eating out tonight since it's a Pro-D day in this school district

Week Three:
  • Monday = homemade burgers with yam fries 
  • Tuesday = nachos with all the trimmings!
  • Wednesday = butter chicken with rice and naan bread
  • Thursday = slow cooker ribs and beans (to replace the beans consumed last week!)
  • Friday = i'm outta here!

Week Four:
  • Monday = lamb meat loaf (recipe from Real Simple)
  • Tuesday = cold meat loaf with salads
  • Wednesday = sweet tomato tart (another easy recipe i should blog - pic here)
  • Thursday = spaghetti cheese pie (made with cooked spaghetti mixed with a couple of whisked eggs, topped with grated cheese then baked until cheese melted)
  • Friday = Thai fish curry with udon noodles and coconut milk (in other words, fish and cilantro boiled in coconut milk with Thai curry paste, red, green or yellow)
Bon appetit!
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