Monday, July 06, 2009

the end of portable crafting?

outdoor kitchen

al fresco kitchen - one stir fry coming up!

Is this the end of portable crafting?

I waved the Wee Guy off on the bus for his first day at camp this morning (it was peeing down with rain of course). He looked tiny as he trotted to the back of the bus under the weight of his huge backpack. Seems like only yesterday that 30 minutes in childminding at the gym was The Big Thing and now I'm waving him off (him = all excited, me = basket case trying not to let him see how emotional this whole deal is to me) for an entire day without me.

The reason I started portable crafting was so that I had something to do in the brief snatches of time when I was ministering to his needs, whether it was at home (crafts needed to be contained and organised) or out in the park (crafts had to be contained and portable).

With him out of the house for an entire day, there is no need for such meticulous portability. I can craft when and where I want to ... and for me my studio is the most handy as all my supplies are here. This week is just a taster of the freedom that fulltime school will bring in the Fall.

But I'm used to it now. Knitting in public or crocheting with wire at the local coffee shop hold no terrors for me. I enjoy meeting the stares and explaining what I am doing. I've met some interesting people and had inspiring conversations.

You will still see me crafting portably around Tri City long after the need has evaportated!

PS: Yes, I wept like a baby when I got home after this morning's drop off.


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