Saturday, February 28, 2009

make a memory

art clay pendant, originally uploaded by ebbandflo_pomomama.

We (the Wee Guy and I) made this a couple of weeks ago. It's a pendant for Mothers' Day to be sent to my mother (who, being in the UK, has her own Mothers' Day a couple of moths earlier than in North America).
It's become a struggle to know what to give for celebrations since I live so far from family and don't see what their day-to-day life is really like. I'm certain that some items never see the light of day again and others are a tad disappointing just because I have no idea what current tastes are!
This one, I hope, is a winner (and now not a surprise unless Ma doesn't read my blog - fairly sure she doesn't!). It has a smudge of a fingerprint from her (only) grandchild and her name spelled the way she likes it. It is also handmade, unusual and unique AND almost pure silver since it is made from art clay silver.
Now to get on with some unusual cufflinks for my Pa .......

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