Sunday, July 15, 2018

flower watering, shared responsibilities and hiring a gardener...

these alliums? obviously watered well
Saw this video (Erin Brokovich: If you don't water the flowers, they don't grow - I tried to embed the video but Blogger won't let me...or maybe it has?) shared in a group I belong to yesterday and it makes perfect sense .... except that it shouldn't only be you doing the watering.

Going to therapy takes your time; sitting watching the kids play takes your time; reading a book takes your time; watering the flowers takes your time.

Yes, it's all self renewal, but if you're also doing all the caring for, concierging, arranging, monitoring, scheduling, managing, orchestrating and so on in your family, this is just one more item on your to-do list.

Since everyone benefits from all the care, scheduling, management, etc. and everyone else benefits from your self renewal - shouldn't they also put in some effort?

When does care for you, your relationship, your mental, intimate, physical self land on someone else's to-do list... and when does it get done? When do your flowers get watered so they bloom for both you and that someone else to enjoy?

And of course ditto...but then you're already doing that anyway...and it's exhausting. Maybe you've forgotten where your flowers are that need watering, or maybe you don't know what's going to bloom cos you've forgotten what you planted. Or maybe that particular garden bed is long gone through drought?


Plant some potatoes, or succulents, or drought-hardy grasses - just plant something that can thrive in whatever level of watering is available...heck! hire a gardener, but make it something you enjoy.

Leaving it bare earth is totally cool too cos maybe you've moved on to cats anyway!
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