Tuesday, May 05, 2015

now we are twelve

Well, now we are five, counting the new dog, pissed off cat, Wee Guy, mr ebb and myself but 12 was the milestone birthday reached this weekend.
Festivities started Thursday evening with 10-pin bowling, then continued Friday afternoon with Caffe Divano cake :) The birthday rolled on with emails from Granma, Nanna and Granpa, animated e-cards, Facebook wishes from aunties Rachel, Vanessa and Alex, and cousins far and further, with a side sprinkling of cheery greetings from friends around the globe.
When Saturday rolled around, we took a breather with a morning phone call from Nanna and Grandpa, before launching into Sunday out in Vancouver filled with brunch (so much brunch), the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Garden, and finishing with ice cream sandwiches at Beta 5.

Wee Guy managed to look suddenly grown up, visited the kitchens and the chef at Cafe Pacifica, and was excused saxophone practice. All in all, a good birthday weekend?
Each year I worry about his birthday. We are so far from family; he doesn't have many friends; how do I make it special? Each and every kindness this year,

whether it was a Facebook 'Like' (and yes, he saw them all and we read them together), a comment on social media, Natalie at brunch who made sure he met the chef, an Instagram heart or comment, a tweet, made his day. He felt surrounded by a virtual hug in addition to knowing that there are people in his community who also wish him well.
Thank you to everyone who made his day special - it means a lot to me as well to him xx
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