Sunday, December 07, 2014

sunday scribbles: wot I rote this week

Ms. Grumpy herself

This week has been a bit quiet since NaBloPoMo finished and I had one tricky piece of #scicomms to deliver. I find that when I am working on something out of the norm -longer, different subject matter, a little less formulaic - it takes up a huge space in my head.

  • My piece on Moody Ales for The V3H published this week. I've stopped writing the weekly event posts but hope to continue contributing business reviews in 2015. They are much more fun than listing event after event, and dealing with snarky comments from event organisers who don't seem to realise how valuable getting free coverage actually is. Hint: don't piss off your local event writer - your event won't be mentioned in future.
  • A part on primary research on lymph node metastasis and gastric cancer got published on the proteomics blog.
  • I got my first whoops! you got something wrong! notification for my honeybee post - worker bees take three weeks from birth to emergence to be fully functional, not the three days I wrote! Embarrassing but a good lesson to learn. Thanks to the eagle-eyed reader on Google + for gently correcting that one. Now I'm just waiting for my corrections and edits to be made in the post.
  • ... and my 12 days of Christmas series has started for the Blackberry Artists Christmas marketplace over on that blog. Fun reads! 
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