Thursday, April 17, 2014


Has anyone noticed? It's getting more and more difficult to post anything substantial in a blog these days. At least it is in my experience. And I'm talking mainly about touchscreen or mobile posting.
Previously, the majority of my blogging was thru Flickr but it has disabled its support for blogger, saying that most uploads now go to tumblr. The beauty of the feature was that you could create post content directly in Flickr that would upload only to Blogger and not add to the image description. The blog by email function is still available so I guess I need to make more of that, except that my entire post is uploaded below my image.
The android app for Flickr has suddenly removed its tagging feature. This means that my IFTTT recipe doesn't kick in for photo uploads as I upload them. This adds another step in the process.
I can blog from Instagram, just not much text beyond a title.
I'm still grieving for Posterous.
I haven't been blogging as much in terms of writing longer posts as apposed to just throwing around pictures. My internet use has changed - leisure browsing is done mostly on mobile devices; I use my desktop for paid writing work now. There is a sharp distinction in my keyboard habits and usage that's affecting my blogging. At the end of a working day I don't really want to write any more sitting at my desk.
So what I suppose I'm saying is that my blogging needs to evolve. What do I want to write about? What do I want to share? What do I need to say on the interwebs? Currently I don't feel the "blogging as therapy" need as strongly as I once did (yay me!) but I still value the daily/weekly creative exercise.
I don't want to just post pictures or one-liners.
Substantial posts take time to research and write. I don't have that much time these days.
What should I post?
Work in progress - stay tuned.
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