Sunday, August 25, 2013

sensual sunday

day out at the Beaty, originally uploaded by ebbandflo_pomomama.

I've had a weird feeling of disconnection creeping over me for the past few weeks.Not sure why but I do recognise it.

It's my body telling me to stay in touch and stop being so busy, to pay attention to the physical - get some exercise, go for a massage, stop and smell the roses - stop neglecting yourself!

So I need to book that trip to the spa pronto (thanks for the birthday voucher, ma and pa xox), and get all my senses back in shape.

Dear reader - sensual sunday!
Don't snigger - it's not what you think.

* splashing around in the warm water at the open air pool, diving to the bottom of the dive tank and feeling the bubbles rolling along my skin

Tin Roof - Rocky Point Ice Cream

* yummy Tin Roof (peanuts and chocolate) ice cream from Rocky Point Ice cream

* vanilla and ylang ylang massage lotion from the Body Shop - smells exotic, soporific and comforting - I rub it into my arms each night and drift off into a cloud of the sweetest of dreams

* a flock of jays fighting off a bald eagle that flew too close for confort above the Inlet Trail

*the summer freckle crop on my son's nose - new this year :)


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