Tuesday, February 12, 2013

midlife monday rollover

A roll-over of days from busyness into too-little-time. As a reward for too much serious stuff over the weekend I spent my midlife Monday with the Wee Guy enjoying the, er, splendours of a first BC Family Day event in downtown Vancouver.
There was rain.
And mud underfoot.
Grey skies.
Lots of them.
But like everything Vancouver does to celebrate an event, the mark was totally missed. It was dreary and punctuated by queues, noise, and that strange manic feeling of missing out on something bigger.
Overwhelmed hyped-up kids with nothing to reward their patience. meh!
Vancouver tries and fails - when will it realise that events need to be large scale, not pinched and mean and crowded. There are simply too many people around now for the tiny venues and cramped tents, the YVR signature for fun and kid stuff. Queues for what? Again?
At least it was free.
And I spent it with the Wee Guy.

BC Family Day exploits

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