Thursday, December 31, 2009

sadly another RIP in the family

man and boy and bird, originally uploaded by ebbandflo_pomomama.

Sadly Nanna and Grandpa Hairy Pig's (no, i'm not joking about the name - he chose it!) obnoxiously bad tempered cockatiel snuffed it sometime last night thus halting his reign of expletives without launching into another decade.
Beautiful to look at, a peril to hold, this bird has never forgiven me for clipping its nails once a long time ago. All efforts for friendship were snubbed by him spitting, sneezing and hissing at me.

Dad will miss him.
I won't.
... and Nanna didn't even spot he was an ex-parrot when she took the cover off his cage this morning.

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msbelle said...

Awww. Still sad to hear he's gone even if you didn't like him too much.

I've never had a bird but my sister had a cockatiel once that was obnoxious. Don't think I'll ever have a bird. And now after hearing this, I'm sure I won't!

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