Tuesday, October 06, 2009

no holding back?

We had a mini break in Whistler this weekend. When I say 'we' I mean me and the Wee Guy, just the two of us.
We drove up after school on Friday, unpacked and then went for an 'upside down' dinner, ie. dessert first, courtesy of Cows Ice Cream.
The next morning, following a leisurely breakfast over Treehouse in PJ's, we took our Tree Tops Trek along suspended walkways thru temperate rainforest alongside Fitzsimmons Creek at the base of Blackcomb . (Many thanks to Vera for her excellent guiding, and being sensitive to the fears of her junior guest viz. being eaten by cougars). In the afternoon we took the Whistler Gondola to the new Peak to Peak cable car which links the two mountains in 11 minutes of a smooth and not-at-all white knuckle ride. Hint: choose one of the silver cars for a glass floored viewing experience.
What a wonderful weekend! :) and what a total step out my personal comfort zone!

Last year I wrestled with some tough decisions regarding genetic testing for a particularly nasty hereditary syndrome. Lynch Syndrome would have guaranteed me, at best, losing significant internal organs, or at worst dying prematurely from cancer. There's nothing quite like the threat of imminent demise to make you take stock of life. I was no exception - see below for mine;
  1. I could have passed faulty genes on to the Wee Guy.
  2. As a relatively mature mummy (in age, not outlook), the 15 years or so left for me with the Wee Guy would IMO not see him comfortably into adulthood.
  3. I had been wasting a lot of time waiting to do things as a couple and thereby missed a lot of incredible life opportunities.
I did some deep thinking and decided get on with living ... whatever.
peak to peak excitement

'Out' with the waiting around for other people in my life and 'in' with taking responsibility for seizing my day. As a part of a couple it had been much easier to sit back and wait to do things 'together' but it's also more difficult to motivate for two on a constant basis. What should be a pleasure soon becomes another resented item on the never-ending spousal 'to do' list. No more procrastinating! No more opportunities missed! No more hanging around for the knight on the white charger .... and no more second best either.

It might only have been a weekend break but I discovered that I can still make my own spontaneous moments (after all these years), I am (still) brave and resourceful, and I (finally) don't have to wait for someone else.
Henceforth I will be a blur of opportunity-seizing action (!)

PS: the test results were negative :)

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