Sunday, August 09, 2009

on the move

blur of action, originally uploaded by ebbandflo_pomomama.

As with all holidays 'back home' the wee guy and I are on the move again, back to stay with the amazing Aunty B after almost a week of impressive summer weather at the beach.

But before we left Aberdour, the two of us (B and I) managed a night out 'on the town'. We went out to see a band, The Gillyflowers play in the institute where over 30 years ago we had taken ballet lessons! It was a great evening. Grandpa and Nana put the wee guy to bed while we shed a few years listening to music that was a little bit Siouxsie, a little bit country, a little bit The Skids and had a great time out.

I don't often play my iPod - being deaf in one ear cuts down the times I can safely immerse myself in solo listening pleasure - so imagine my surprise when random track nmber one was this one.
It's a great track, one of my favourites but not my absolute.
This is the one. Enjoy!

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